About Pinto Works

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Pinto Works  started as a modest shop in the middle of downtown Norman, Oklahoma. We are committed to providing you, the customer, with the best quality apparel. This is simply achieved by having our hands in the cookie jar in every step of the way. This means we are directly involved in the process from beginning to end. Pinto Works is also very picky about the shirts our customers wear. We highly suggest 100% cotton tees and the highest cotton content to sweatshirts, but we do offer blends upon request.

We offer fast turnaround on all our orders, from just twelve prints to all the way to 20,000. Our ordering system is all computerized and backed up on a monthly basis.

Even with all the attention spent on your goods, our pricing system allows us to be competitive and still make profit. This tends to make everyone happy… especially management.

To get a quote, just give us a call or email we’ll get you started!